3/4" Clear Stone (HL-8), Cubic Yard

3/4" Clear Stone (HL-8), Cubic Yard

Canlok Stone SKU: 0.30

$41.40 CAD

Default Title
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-1
Volume (L×W×H) 8cu yd-Item.no-2
Volume (L×W×H) 6cu yd-Item.no-3
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-4
Volume (L×W×H) 4cu yd-Item.no-5
Volume (L×W×H) 4cu yd-Item.no-6
Volume (L×W×H) 7cu yd-Item.no-7
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-8
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-9
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-10
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-11
Volume (L×W×H) 4cu yd-Item.no-12
Volume (L×W×H) 11cu yd-Item.no-13
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-14
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-15
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-16
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-17
Volume (L×W×H) 12cu yd-Item.no-18
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-19
Volume (L×W×H) 4cu yd-Item.no-20
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-21
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-22
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-23
Volume (L×W×H) 12cu yd-Item.no-24
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-25
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-26
Volume (L×W×H) 7cu yd-Item.no-27
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-28
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-29
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-30
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-31
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-32
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-33
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-34
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-35
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-36
Volume (L×W×H) 8cu yd-Item.no-37
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-38
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-39
Volume (L×W×H) 9cu yd-Item.no-40
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-41
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-42
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-43
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-44
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-45
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-46
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-47
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-48
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-49
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-50
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-51
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-52
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-53
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-54
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-55
Volume (L×W×H) 3cu yd-Item.no-56
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-57
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-58
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-59
Volume (L×W×H) 5cu yd-Item.no-60
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-61
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-62
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-63
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-64
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-65
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-66
Volume (L×W×H) 1cu yd-Item.no-67
Volume (L×W×H) 2cu yd-Item.no-68

This stone can be used underneath concrete, as a sub-base for pavers, in driveways, and in drainage applications. Ideal for swale creations and window wells.

  • Colour may vary depending on your screen
  • Bulk products come loose, not in a bag
  • 2300lbs avg per C/yrd