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When adding structure and pattern to the landscaping in your yard, interlocking stones are an ideal choice for numerous outdoor projects. Whether a walkway or driveway, they can help better define a space by creating contrast and visual interest.

Design and Colour

Taking the time to design your ideal landscape options can help open your mind to various possibilities that you may not have thought of previously. Working with different interlocking pavers materials means the opportunity to pick from several colours and design options that can emulate the appearance you want for your home. 

Interlocking pavers can easily complement each other in a pattern or on their own, especially surrounding a greenery area. They can be laid in different designs, such as herringbone, to bolster curb appeal. All kinds of combinations can be used to match the existing architecture of your home or create a new and unique look. Capable of being used everywhere, from driveways to formal outdoor dining areas, interlocking pavers are aesthetically appealing and incredibly functional.

Despite the severe weather conditions that the Ottawa area can see throughout the year, these interlocking pavers do not wear down or lose their composition over time. Meaning that your driveway, walkway, or border will still look the same winter after winter.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Choosing a hard-top surface for your yard has a lot of considerations attached. For example, you may be concerned about simple wear and tear or the steps to complete a repair in the event of damage. Interlocking pavers can be easily removed and replaced without displacing any other stones. 

They are a unique alternative to other options, such as concrete and gravel, which may suffer under various conditions and be difficult to repair properly. Interlocking pavers also do not need to be resealed or regraded. 

Additionally, they are even more low maintenance when used with aggregates, like polymeric sand. After it is poured between the crevices, weeds and grass will be unable to grow between the stones and leave the area looking polished and clean.

A Strong, Durable Option

At Canlok, we stock only durable options for interlocking pavers because we believe in the reliability these products can provide. We are a proud supplier of UNILOCK, known for their dependence and exceptional products. 

Interlocking pavers have numerous uses. You may find yourself drawn to the concept of a patterned driveway, a curving path to your front door, a simplistic yet statement border around your yard or a focal point of your outdoor sitting area. In any case, these stones can put up with heavy objects and do not shift, sink, or settle when used. This includes places like your driveway, which can cause concern. No matter the freezing or thawing conditions, many interlocking pavers contract and expand with the weather to not cause damage or undue pressure cracks. 

Within the winter months, you can easily use shovels, snow blowers, and ploughs as needed on your interlocking pavers, and they will not retain any significant damage. In addition, they are largely unaffected by various de-icing products that might eat away at some other materials.

Choosing the Right Interlocking Pavers

Since interlocking pavers are made to last for years, deciding on an option that you will still love in ten or 20 years can be daunting. Our team supplies various sizes and colours of interlocking pavers and is pleased to share previous projects and their recommendations to help you decide. We will work to match your vision as best we can and can also execute it should you require hard landscapers as well.

Reach out to us to learn more about Canlok’s materials and service options.