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Interlock Stone & Wall Stone Cutting

Stone is an ideal choice for your outdoor landscape, whether that includes a paver walkway or retaining wall. All of the materials we carry are cut professionally to size to ensure a high-quality product that is straightforward to install. However, not all projects are perfect shapes, and some of your stones may need a few extra cuts to make your plan come to life. 

Our on-site tools and equipment are specially designed to provide precision-cut pieces that will fit seamlessly into your design. The time and effort to cut one of these pieces yourself could result in an inaccurate cut, leaving you with a misshapen stone and potentially running low on materials. We can provide you with perfectly cut stones so that you can finish your hard landscaping project with ease.

Custom Natural Stone Orders

Natural stones used for your walkway, driveway, border, or retaining wall are meant to last a lifetime. So why not take your time deciding what hue, texture, and natural appearance will work best for your outdoor space now and for years to come? Whether you found a beautiful pattern you are looking to replicate or are looking for inspiration from an online post, we can work with you to determine the specifics you need to turn your ideas into functional outdoor spaces. 

If you are building onto an existing pattern or stone area that you have, we can make recommendations on close matches or complementary options that will look great. Our team is happy to explain the advantages of various materials and potential colour patterns that might catch your eye. We also have extensive knowledge of pavers and drainage conditions depending on where you want to add hardscaping.

We work with various suppliers, including UNILOCK, to provide you with the best selection guaranteed to last.

Pool deck made out of sandstone coloured bricks
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Hard Landscape Loading and Delivery

Your order is important to us. We recognize that while picking out your ideal natural stone may be straightforward, getting it to the location where you require it could require some extra assistance. Each order we place is handled with precision and attention to detail. Before finalizing your order, we will discuss the options available: whether you prefer to pick it up or have it delivered. 

If you opt for pick-up, we are capable of loading your stones into your vehicle safely. We can also make recommendations for the best type of truck you should bring to the yard to transport your materials. 

Delivery is a popular option for numerous customers. We can select a date and time that works well for you and will offload your stones wherever they are needed for your project.

Hard Landscaping Installation

Our knowledge and expertise do not end at the items we stock. In addition to providing quality materials, we can also take the time to work with you to develop a fully realized design plan that we can execute. Our end-to-end services set us apart from the rest and offer our customers the support they need to finish their hard landscaping projects on time, and on budget. We handle each project with attentiveness and care, reviewing plans with you each step of the way and predicting timelines for your project to ensure you can start enjoying your new stone area in no time. 

Whether your hard landscaping job requires building a retaining wall, steps, coping or treads to finish a backyard area or a new walkway, our team can accomplish the look you are hoping for. We are precise in all our projects, dedicating our efforts to ensuring a job well done and securing the “wow” factor that many of our clients have come to know us by. 

Install interlocking concrete blocks

It isn’t just the trust our customers have in us that has kept us in business. It’s our passion for what we do. We have accomplished many projects and continue to push the envelope on what is possible when it comes to natural stone. Whether you have an idea and need help putting it into a plan or need to secure the final materials to finish the final step in your yard renovation, our team is pleased to offer you any advice and recommendations you may require. To learn more about our services or get started on your hard landscaping project, contact us today.