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Protection and Visual Elevation

Grading is among the most important factors that dictate your landscape's shape. A hill or peak in your yard doesn’t necessarily need to be ploughed down to create your ideal space. A retaining wall offers you the option to work with the property that you have. Often, it does more than just protect the soil behind it from wearing away. This kind of wall is also a naturally structured area that can add a dynamic visual element.

Retaining wall blocks come in many different shapes and sizes depending on the unique needs of your outdoor landscape. They are made of solid materials that can withstand increasingly wet or windy conditions, ensuring they maintain their shape and formation.

The installation of these blocks is best left to the professionals. The sheer complexity of your project and the heft of this material can make it challenging to manage. At Canlok, our professional services are here to help you, from your initial visit to our showroom looking for retaining wall blocks in Ottawa to the first time you look upon your completed hardscaping masterpiece.

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