Beacon Hill Flagstone 80mm

Beacon Hill Flagstone 80mm

Unilock SKU: 0236M00838003-0

$11.80 CAD

Almond Grove Fusion
Granite Mist
Granite Mist-Area (L×W) 232.93sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 300.00sq
Fossil-Area (L×W) 270.00sq
Tuscany-Area (L×W) 340.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 100.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 300.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 400.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 200.00sq
Fossil-Area (L×W) 1000.00sq
Fossil-Area (L×W) 24.00sq
Granite Mist-Area (L×W) 324.00sq
Granite Mist-Area (L×W) 324.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 120.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 60.00sq
Almond Grove Fusion-Area (L×W) 90.00sq

Inspired by natural cut flagstone, the blended colors and distinctive texture of Beacon Hill Flagstone has a relaxed look and feel, with all the benefits of Enduracolor technology. The subtle surface texture is comfortable to walk on in bare feet, but appears more dramatic in the light of sunrise and sunset. Sold in a random bundle of three relatively large sizes, Beacon Hill Flagstone can be laid in a number of patterns for a more, or less, random appearance. Together, these characteristics have made Beacon Hill Flagstone one of our most popular pavers for patios, pool surrounds and walkways.


1. 2 3/8" x 7.5" x 15"

2. 2 3/8" x 15" x 15"

3. 2/38"  x 15" x 22 1/2"

Sold in layers or full bundles.

Suitable for Driveway Use