Canyon Step

Canyon Step

Canlok Stone

$162.64 CAD

3' Step
4' Step
5' Step
6' Step
11"x 7"x 4" Spacer
22"x 7"x 4" Spacer
Sunset Buff

Precast concrete stacking steps with the look of authentic weathered stone.

Steps are closed on all sides, perfect for hills and banks.

Canyon Section Incline.png

Create 2 and 3 step sets with spacer units.

SIZE | Available in 3', 4', 5' and 6' widths

HOLLOW | Closed on all sides

RISE | Standard rise is 7"

STACKABLE | Up to 3 steps high with spacer units. Stacking height is unlimited when built into an inclined landscape.

COLOURS | Sunset Buff, Ebony

Swatches indicate general colour and finish only. A natural variance in colour and texture/finish is to be expected. Colour may vary slightly from piece to piece. 

** Additional spacers are required in order to stack the steps. **